Friday, October 30, 2009

The Power of Women in the Boardroom

A recent study shows important factors of women in the boardroom in helping a board of directors become more effective.

Important findings, the good:
  • Perspective
  • Dynamic
  • Teamwork
  • Less ego driven
  • Good questions
  • Challenging status quo
  • Great energy, drive and commitment

Important findings, the weaknesses:

  • lower self confidence
  • either too passive or too aggressive
  • tend to be perfectionists

Read the article 6 Perspectives on Women in the Boardroom, Plus 3 Tips for an Effective Board: FTSE 100 Breakfast Panel at the Glass Hammer for the full information.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Roni's Weigh Hits a New Milestone

Roni (Veronica “Roni” Noone) is an inspiration to many many women.

She's been blogging for several years at Roni's Weigh and Green Lite Bites and has really built a huge following. I think Roni's way of blogging, accepting a few ads but really being authentic and true to her readers has helped her to turn her blogging into a business. She got into it after she lost weight with Weight Watchers but wanted to become more healthy in her eating.

Today, she hit a major milestone.

After losing 70 pounds and keeping it off for several years, today she is running the Baltimore Marathon! As I type this, she just completed 11.5 miles of the 26.2 run.

It's really cool to follow her live on TwitPic after all the training and effort she's done to get ready for this.

Although her blog has a lot of information about food and staying fit, there's some great career points on there too.

Here she is at mile 12.

You can follow her on Twitter @RonisWeigh

Some of her other websites and blogs: GreenLiteBites BlogToLose SkinnyMinnyMedia FitBloggin'

From her bio:

Roni’s daily blog posts, tweets, and video posts have created a
fiercely loyal following of readers. On average, more than 3,500 people visit Roni’s Weigh, GreenLiteBites and BlogToLose each day. Roni has also gained notoriety by being quoted and published in many publications including: Women’s World, Wired and The Baltimore Sun. She’s also been a speaker at various events, including BlogHer DC - Reach Out Tour and BlogHer 2009.

Currently, Veronica is training for the 2009 Baltimore Marathon. In
March 2010, she will host the first ever FitBloggin’ conference in Baltimore,
Maryland - a place for new and seasoned health, wellness, weight loss and
fitness bloggers to come together for knowledge, personal growth and

She manages to blog at 4 places, hold down a job, train for a marathon, have a great family life with a 4 year old and husband... and create some terrific recipes as well. What can we learn from her? Life balance. Time management. Goals.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Northeast Ohio ATHENA Awards for 2009

Akron and Cleveland ATHENA International Event Thursday night... on Twitpic

The Athena Awards were held on Thursday October 1 in Northeast Ohio.
From the Inside Business:
Jacqueline Silas-Butler starts her day early to make sure children in Akron get the head start they need to succeed.

Jacqueline F. Woods established herself as one of Northeast Ohio’s most influential women while leading AT&T Ohio. Now in retirement, she continues taking risks, finding new challenges and helping a new generation of women.

Since 1982, the ATHENA Awards have celebrated women and men throughout the
world who have made a difference in their communities, their professions and the
lives of women around them.

The 10 finalists of Northeast Ohio’s 2009 ATHENA Awards come from a range of backgrounds: large corporations and nonprofit organizations, public service and private firms. But they also share a common bond. Through their leadership, they’ve made our region a better place to live and work.

ATHENA Award Finalists: Lisa Rose, Linda F.R. Omobien, Radhika Reddy, Kimberly Haws Falasco, Margaret Payne, Holly Harris Bane, Jacqueline F. Woods, Jacqueline Silas-Butler, Paul Clark, Heather Roulston Ettinger

Young Professional Award Winners: Lynnette Jackson and Katie Herbst

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Northeast Ohio ATHENA Award Finalists Will Be Honored Tonight

The 2009 ATHENA Award finalists are:

  • Holly Harris Bane, The University of Akron
  • Paul Clark, National City now a part of PNC
  • Kimberly Haws Falasco, Robert W. Baird & Co.
  • Heather Ettinger, Fairport Asset Management LLC
  • Linda Omobien, Omobien & Associates
  • Radhika Reddy, Ariel Ventures LLC
  • Margaret Payne, Retired, Kent State University & Director, Summa Health System
  • Lisa Rose, Dix & Eaton
  • Jacqueline Silas-Butler, Project GRAD Akron
  • Jacqueline Woods, Former President, AT&T Ohio & Trustee, Kent State University

The ATHENA® Award finalists from Northeast Ohio will be honored tonight at the awards Dinner and Celebration at the Embassy Suites Cleveland-Rockside in Independence, Ohio.

Named in recognition of the Greek goddess of wisdom and courage, ATHENA International honors outstanding individuals who have achieved professional excellence, given back to their communities and helped other women reach their full potential by creating leadership opportunities for women here in Northeast Ohio.

Past recipients of this prestigious and nationally-renowned award have started and managed companies, launched products, repositioned brands and influenced business enthusiasts in myriad ways.