Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Question

What's the one question that is missing? Many job seekers forget completely to ask this important question

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Marketing Strategies For Women to Help Career Advancement

I have found that when women begin their work career they often think about "just getting that first job" instead of planning a real marketing strategy for their career.

Each job will become a stepping stone in your career advancement, so if you plan it out with a bit of strategy you may find that getting to the next level doesn't take as long.

Questions to ask yourself as you plan your marketing strategy:
  • What skills do need to I learn that could help me advance?
  • How can I get visability with people who could connect me?
  • How can I help other people who are looking for advancement?
  • When people think of local "superstars" in my field, who do they mention?
  • What groups or organizations do those superstars belong to?

This link Women's Networking Organizations has a list of many women's organizations that may be helpful. Volunteering, getting on a committee and working hard to prove your value will help you to get visability. Try to select an organization that someone who is considered a superstar in your field is actively involved with and begin to build your reputation as a solid team player.

Remember "what goes around, comes around". Be sure to thank the other members of the team, send handwritten notes, and follow up.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mapping Out Your Career

Where do your interests lie on this colorful chart? Perhaps this will help you when considering a career selection or a transition from one career into a new field.

You can find out more about each of these careers by researching at the Department of Labor's website.

Another way to explore your options is to look into the Career Exploration Resource Center that breaks various jobs into categories of interest. This chart is outlined in what is called Holland Codes. For example "E" stands for Enterprising which has jobs like

  • banker
  • salesperson
  • business executive
  • buyer
  • financial planner
  • lawyer

This may be helpful too.

Chart courtesy of: Hudson High School Guidance Dept.