Monday, January 25, 2010

100 Job Search Tips from FORTUNE 500 Recruiters

This ebook is filled with job hunting stories, anctecdotes and how to tips that will help anyone who is job searching.

100 Job Search Tips from FORTUNE 500 Recruiters

Recommended Resources:

Brazen Careerist: A blog with a modern view of job searching, career development,and the workplace.
Career Hub: Blog A blog written by a diverse group of career coaches.
Dice Job board for tech jobs. A college career services and jobs website. Allows you to update all your social network statuses from one place. A tool for job seekers, job hunters, recruiters, and headhunters to organize the job hunt and anage a professional network. A job source by the author of What Color Is Your Parachute? Interview tips and suggestions, interview questions and answers, interview attire, and interview thank-you letters. Offers 2.5 million jobs across 15 industries, and new jobs can be delivered to you through RSS, text, etc. Offers career advice for students and young professionals. A professional networking site where you can build your résumé profile, connect with past colleagues, view new job opportunities,
and connect with people who currently work at the target company. A website that is dedicated to the careers of college students. Job search sites that use search engine optimization to find all available positions. An executive job board with opportunities that have salaries of $100K and above. A microblogging service that allows you to interact with hiring managers at a more personal level. This site allows you to search through Twitter, using keywords, to find a job or internship.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who Inspires You?

Robin McMaster of Brain Based Biz and Ellen Weber of Brain Leaders and Learners
Robin McMaster (left) recently shared that Ellen Weber (right) inspires her in her "Brain Based Biz" blog post "Ellen Weber - An Inspiration" .

Robin and Ellen both work at the MITA Brain Based Center, to equip leaders with practical brain based tactics that optimize satisfaction and output at work.

I enjoy reading their on line publications because they always challenge my thought processes and help me to look at things by another angle. I love the concept of two footed questions and how a 2 footed question can help actually redirect thinking.

Ellen Weber writes and publishes Brain Leaders and Learners
Robyn McMaster writes and publishs Brain Based Biz

So. Who inspires you?