Saturday, July 11, 2009

Job Hunting Ideas for Recent Grads or For Those Transitioning to a New Career

Take some ideas from these posts for recent graduates or other job hunters preparing to enter the job market for their next step with their career.. If you in the mode of transitioning from college to career or you're an experienced professional ready to move into a new opportunity, take a few moments to check out these helpful sites:
  1. Google Student Blog's Grad Tips: Every Friday, this blog posts tips for recent grads that help streamline the job search process. The entire blog (not just Friday tips) are great for honing your computer shortcut skills.

    One of the first things that happens after you graduate and move away from your network in school is that you don't have your "brain trust" sitting in the next room. Google's Student Blog can help you discover new and faster ways of using Googles array of aps like Google Docs, and short cuts to using Gmail. It's like having your favorite computer nerd who knows every trick sitting next to you.

  2. The Resume Girl : Lots of great thoughts and tips. Sign up for her newsletter and Facebook Fan page too. It looks like she's eager to provide some one-on-one coaching, which can be really helpful if you're stuck.

  3. How to decide which job offer: Okay, okay. It seems like you're just trying to get an interview or find someone to talk with you about a possible position. But soon, could be very soon, you'll be faced with making a decision about taking an offer. Here's some good advice of things to consider other than just commute time, vacation package and salary.

  4. Tips for various job hunting situations: Every situation is different, each person's story is different. Here is a site with many variations on a theme.