Thursday, October 08, 2009

Northeast Ohio ATHENA Awards for 2009

Akron and Cleveland ATHENA International Event Thursday night... on Twitpic

The Athena Awards were held on Thursday October 1 in Northeast Ohio.
From the Inside Business:
Jacqueline Silas-Butler starts her day early to make sure children in Akron get the head start they need to succeed.

Jacqueline F. Woods established herself as one of Northeast Ohio’s most influential women while leading AT&T Ohio. Now in retirement, she continues taking risks, finding new challenges and helping a new generation of women.

Since 1982, the ATHENA Awards have celebrated women and men throughout the
world who have made a difference in their communities, their professions and the
lives of women around them.

The 10 finalists of Northeast Ohio’s 2009 ATHENA Awards come from a range of backgrounds: large corporations and nonprofit organizations, public service and private firms. But they also share a common bond. Through their leadership, they’ve made our region a better place to live and work.

ATHENA Award Finalists: Lisa Rose, Linda F.R. Omobien, Radhika Reddy, Kimberly Haws Falasco, Margaret Payne, Holly Harris Bane, Jacqueline F. Woods, Jacqueline Silas-Butler, Paul Clark, Heather Roulston Ettinger

Young Professional Award Winners: Lynnette Jackson and Katie Herbst

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