Saturday, August 23, 2008

Marketing Strategies For Women to Help Career Advancement

I have found that when women begin their work career they often think about "just getting that first job" instead of planning a real marketing strategy for their career.

Each job will become a stepping stone in your career advancement, so if you plan it out with a bit of strategy you may find that getting to the next level doesn't take as long.

Questions to ask yourself as you plan your marketing strategy:
  • What skills do need to I learn that could help me advance?
  • How can I get visability with people who could connect me?
  • How can I help other people who are looking for advancement?
  • When people think of local "superstars" in my field, who do they mention?
  • What groups or organizations do those superstars belong to?

This link Women's Networking Organizations has a list of many women's organizations that may be helpful. Volunteering, getting on a committee and working hard to prove your value will help you to get visability. Try to select an organization that someone who is considered a superstar in your field is actively involved with and begin to build your reputation as a solid team player.

Remember "what goes around, comes around". Be sure to thank the other members of the team, send handwritten notes, and follow up.

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