Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Entrepreneurship as a Career Choice for Women

Are you getting started in business? Ben Jones at Ben Means Business identifies 44 resources that he describes as the "best blogs for Entrepreneurship and Small Business."

Among them are famous ones from Anita Campbell, Seth Godin, John Jansch and Guy Kawaski. (And I was happily surprised that he listed my Branding & Marketing blog on the list as well!)

A women wired for entreprenuership?

According to the Center for Women's Business Research: For the past two decades, majority women-owned firms have continued to grow at around two times the rate of all firms (42% vs. 24%).

You might ask what are the differences between women and men at starting and running a business? The Small Business Association released a 61 page white paper in September 2007 called Are Male and Female Entrepreneurs Really That Different? Turns out that in some ways, yes they are different.

Are you considering starting a business? What is holding you back?

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