Saturday, April 26, 2008

Defining the Skills Needed for a Job

Job Fairs are a great place to learn more about area companies and what their requirements are for various jobs.

During a recent job fair in Trumbull county, some of the employers found it difficult to locate good applicants that had the skills the company needed.

Although 2 Ticks & the Dog Ad agency didn't mention what they were looking for in the article or on their website, after reviewing their work on the website, I bet they're looking for video editing skills, copywriting, storyboarding... maybe even video camera work. Looks like they put out good work for a reasonable price judging by their awards and client list.

When you talk to someone from a company, they have about 10 words in their head that describe the individual that they are looking for... just like you have about 10 words in your head that describes the kind of job you're looking for. What are your 10 words??


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