Thursday, April 24, 2008

Attitude Counts!

When you're working a job -- even a stepping stone job -- your attitude counts.

People notice. It matters. Take a look at what Mario Sanchez at ShoeString Branding says about a recent business trip and what he noticed in people's attitudes toward their job:

The difference in salary between these two people can’t be more than a few bucks an hour, however, one cared and the other one didn’t. It’s a matter of character and pride.

Which person are you? Do you treat your work behavior at your summer job, your college job, your job-that-you-have-until-you-get-a-"real"-job, your payback-the-college-loan-interest job as something that doesn't matter? What's your on the job attitude?

I believe that how you act on your current job makes you the person you are. How will others know you will be the right person when the right job comes along when you're the wrong person, even at a easy, temporary job?

Maybe I should rephrase it:
When you're working a job -- especially a stepping stone job -- your attitude counts.

Mario's ShoeString Branding references Jim Collin's Good to Great book's concept of having the right people on the bus. Just so you know, Jim also talks about getting them in the right seats on the bus. Good book. Go get it from the library, skim it and remember the concept. Are you the "right people" and do you know which is your "right seat"?

Flickr Creative Commons Photo Credits: Stephen Witherden

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