Thursday, February 28, 2008

Starting Your Own Business as a Career Choice

I recently learned some very insightful ideas from a great speaker, Larry Farrell, who specializes in Entrepreneurship.

He works with Junior Achievement to help prepare materials for middle school and high school programs in an effort to help young people learn more than facts, to learn the principles of starting and running a business.

One fact: Young people will have more than 9 jobs before they are 40. Why not have one of these "jobs" actually be your business and employ people to help build your product or provide your service to the customers?

Larry's Four Principles of Entrepreneurship:

  • Sense of Mission
  • Customer/Product Focus
  • High Speed Innovation
  • Self-Inspired Behavior

For more information, check out my Branding & Marketing article with more information about Larry Farrell and his mission of bringing entrepreneurship to the world.

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