Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How to Figure out What Salary Your New Job Might Pay

Trying to figure out what jobs pay?

(** College students: I don't recommend picking your major that way! Instead, select your major in what you LOVE. Follow your passion!)

Back to Pay Scales:
Passion is important, but after you've selected your major and graduated, now it's time to get a job that has a salary to pay back all those student loans, right?! I'm sure you're interested to know what your skills and talent might be worth to an employer.

One way to find out is to look at the wage survey that is published online and easily accessible by anyone. This wage survey lists May 2006 as the version, but shows April 2007 as the last update. It is compiled and maintained by the US Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics. They not only have numbers for each job, but numbers for each job in each state and each city area in the country.

Although it doesn't separate out what you'd make in the first year... or in the last year before you retire... it can show you ranges that will give direction.

Make sure you adjust it for your state and region. I have it set to Ohio since that's where I live.

Happy hunting!!

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