Friday, May 18, 2007

College to Career: Making that Leap

Are you job hunting?

May is the month for many college graduates to enter the "real world." But then again, so is June, July, August, September...and just about any month. Anyone that has ever struggled with a job hunt knows that sometimes it can take months to get that first "real" job in the field you've studied.

For women re-entering the job market, the process can feel really intimating at times... like it's a secret club where everyone knows something that you don't. (They don't!)

To help with your job search and quest to enter (or re-enter) the workforce... here is a 50 page F*R*E*E downloadable e-book of advice called "Give College Grads A Fighting Chance" from real people with real careers. Each page is from a different person with their best advice for getting that first job, what they wished they knew when they were job hunting and much more.

I know many of these people from their self-published websites and I agree with about 99% of what is suggested. If you're job hunting, do yourself a favor. Take ten minutes to download this book and give yourself a dose of "instant mentoring".

Thanks to Drew McClellan at Drew's Marketing Minute for throwing out the question and compiling the responses into this easy-to-read, chock-full-of-great-ideas book. Nice photos too. Take a minute to send Drew a quick comment of thanks for all the work he did on this. Thanks is a powerful word.

More than just a book publisher and a talented individual, Drew is also a marketing expert who knows his stuff. I met him last weekend at a conference in Chicago and found that he is a one of those folks with an abundance mentality who shares himself and his knowledge to help others. He runs a marketing company called McLellan Marketing Group in Des Moines, Iowa. He really understands the concept of paying it forward.

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