Sunday, September 27, 2009

Finding an Alternative to a Job

It seems like getting a job is the main focus of everyone's idea to making a living. Jobs come and go.

Sometimes while looking for a job, it's very handy to generate some additional income. Have you considered something online? Because of some fairly recent changes in technology, you can earn some money by other means too.

What about have an on line business? Selling via eBay, Craigslist or other distribution websites might be one way.

Tapping into one of the largest advertisers in the world that didn't even exist before 1998 could be another. What am I talking about? I know you've heard of it. Just like Craig's List has knocked the stuffin's out of newspaper classified advertising by making it free to all but about 11 cities for jobs and one for apartments, there is a giant information company that offers most of its products for free and still makes tons of revenue. Google.

Google adwords is something many people are familar with. Adwords are those ads on the right hand of the Google search. They also show up inside many websites with related content. Paying for ads isn't what I'm talking about, but rather the other side of the program where Google pays you to display ads on your blog.

You can see a sample on the right hand side here.
What are the steps?
1) Figure out a popular subject area or topic
2) Set up a website (if you use blogspot or wordpress, it's free!)
3) Set up an adsense account in Goggle. You have to put your credit card in so that they can add money to your credit card. (There's a novel idea!! ha ha!)
4) Set your website up to include your adsense ads. This means a click adds some money into your credit card
5) Get traffic to your site by posting good content.

Sounds simple, doesn't it. Well it's more time consuming than that, but probably easier than any one or two more classes towards a masters. The only commitment is the time it takes to figure it out.

Leave me a comment if you're considering this and I'll send you some more links with good information.

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