Thursday, February 26, 2009

Returnships (Think Internships) Help Women Returning to Workforce

Have you been out of the workforce for a while? One of the reasons cited for women making less than men on average is that many put their careers on hold to help raise the family, manage the household after a career move to a new state, or to help take care of aging parents.

Now there is a faster way to return to the workforce, thanks to a new program developed by Sara Lee's Brenda Barnes. Trendsite's Marti Barletta in Something Sweet From Sara Lee says:

Returnships will resonate with anyone who temporarily left the work force, or wished that they could have. Your brands will benefit -- I predict you will see them tossed into lots of shopping carts.

According to an article in Forbes magazine:
Sara Lee, which operates brands including Ball Park, Hillshire Farms and Jimmy Dean, can't promise full-time positions for the participants at the end of their returnship. The company laid off 300 of its 1,200 staffers in April; 100 of them worked at the headquarters. But there's always a need for talent, Barnes says. Women (and men) who want a slice of the pie should submit applications this fall for a February 2009 start.
Thanks for the info Marti!

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