Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Go Red for Women -- Doctor & Spokesperson

Dr. Debbie Plate has combined her role as doctor and public speaker. She spoke to a group of women in Akron to make us more aware about heart health. If you are considering a career as a health professional, you might not realize how much public speaking could play a role in your career.

Knowing how to communicate key information in front of an audience using a laptop, projector and PowerPoint is a skill that transcends many careers.

This morning while attending the American Heart Association breakfast to promote awareness of Go Red for Women, I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Debbie Plate describe some rather startling facts about women's heart health in the United States:
  • 460,000 Women per year die of heart failure, making it one per minute. That's more from Heart Failure than the next 5 killers combined! (Cancer is #2 and stroke is #3.)
  • Among women over 20, about 30% have high blood pressure.

  • Overweight women in the USA over 20: 58% of the white women and 79% of African American.

Dr. Plate is a communications person and a doctor. Besides speaking throughout the community, she is often seen on TV representing Akron General Medical Center and interviewing other doctors about their specialties.

She urged the audience to wear RED the first Friday in February to help build awareness of heart health among women. May 8th is the fundraising luncheon to help build awareness.

When something is the number one killer, and so many of the problems are preventable, doesn't it make sense that we should focus on this?

It's amazing to me that wearing seat belts and not cutting your vegetables & chicken with the same knife & cutting board or eating raw eggs seems like it has more public awareness than the actions that cause heart failure. (but I digress.)

If you enjoy public speaking, you are probably in the minority. Many people fear public speaking more than anything else -- even death, rattlesnakes or heights!! Making your career into something where you combine two passions can be a real great way to find the work you love.

And. Oh yeah. Go eat some vegetables for your heart!!

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