Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What is it Like to have a Career in Event Planning, Trade Shows, Talent Management and Talent Development?

Ann Ramsey Metzler knows what it takes to work in the high pressure world of trade shows, events, talent management and talent development. She recently relocated to Northeast Ohio after working 7 years in Columbus. She shares her career experiences while working at COSI and at The Ohio State University.

Biggest challenge: My biggest challenge is knowing how to stop at good when that is acceptable for the task. Being a perfectionist at heart makes that difficult and creates the drive in me to go forward to 'great' in every situation.

Most important lesson learned: I have learned to trust my own instincts and also trust the team I am working with for the certain task. Jobs very rarely are accomplished by only one person, therefore, the team that is assembled becomes vital to the successful completion of the task.

Someone considering this for a career should: Be willing to put in long hard hours initially and work on the weekends. Once you become more accomplished you will be able to select the specific projects and programs you work on.

What training did you have? On the job training seems to be the best training in this field. I have learned more from my mistakes then my successes. Finding a good mentor has been critical to my success.

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