Sunday, August 19, 2007

Twenty Somethings: College to Career

Lindsey Pollak specializes in young professional career issues. She's a wealth of ideas and suggestions for twenty-somethings who are moving from school into the professional working world and speaks frequently at universities, corporations and business associations. Her book: Getting from College to Career lists 90 Things To Do Before You Jjoin the Real World. Here are a few:
  • Subscribe to a daily newspaper
  • E-mail like a professional
  • Make every event a networking success
  • Practice the eight essentials of internship achievement
  • Perform five minutes of stand-up
  • Overprepare for interviews
  • Persist

Although most of her advice is for getting the job rather than actually transitioning into the day to day working world, her blog is filled with helpful info:

Learn more at Advice & Resources for College Students and Young Professionals

It's a fairly new blog but she posts regularly and has great advice. Lindsey is a graduate of Yale University.

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