Monday, June 18, 2007

Interview Questions, Suggestions and Tips from Women Who Have Been There

Just graduating from college and looking for that first "real job"? Or perhaps you want to find something in your field that will give you the flavor of your new career, but you're not quite finished with your training or college yet. Or maybe your looking into the next position.

Regardless of your situation, here are some great tips that can help you prepare for the next round of interviews:

Alison Doyle at Career Savvy suggests you go online and download the application if it's available because that will give you an idea of things they will ask you during the interview. Alison is the author of an ebook: Guide to Job Searching: Tools and Tactics to Help You Get the Job You Want. Although I have not downloaded or read the book, I think that if it's half as good as the free information she gives away on her blog, it would be extremely helpful in any job search.

Susan Heathfield, also at Career Savvy suggests that volunteering and interning is a wonderful way to take a look at future careers. She offers lots of great links as well: "Ten Top Tips for Interns and exploring career options.

Together Susan and Alison provide quite a bit of great job hunting information including a wonderful link to Career Hub: Free Advice from Career Experts where thereare lots of great ebooks on interviewing, letter writing and various aspects of job hunting.

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