Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sunny Lurie Helps Others Launch Their Careers

Interview with: Fast Focus Careers, Creator and Owner Sunny K. Lurie, PhD.

About: Fast Focus Careers help people who want to launch a career that gets them excited. We have a unique and proven method to get people to stretch their career imagination and get to know their strengths and interests. People get a rare opportunity to brainstorm their dreams and passions with a mix of peers and professionals and magic inevitably happens— to focus on a career that’s right for them. We guarantee it!

Best thing about her job: I get to do my passion which is helping people discover the type of work they can be passionate about.

Biggest surprise: The number of people here (northeast Ohio) and other cities who want to get involved in helping grow this program – - finding your passion hits on an important aspect of our life – that seems to be appealing to people.

How she prepared for this work: Many years of my life – actually 3 decades of an intense curiosity how people figure out the right career path; I collected career info. and ideas in a huge 10lb. idea notebook, also work experience, college and my doctoral research.

Most important lesson learned: Happiness at work is a choice. Try hard to do your work the way it will make you happy — I never wanted to be a career counselor working with a limited number of people in a school. So I created a career program where I could be an entrepreneur and creatively help 1000s.

Best advice: working “authentically” – being who you really are -- gives you confidence like nothing else. When the going gets tough, I seek out new people to team up with to get me excited again.

For relaxation: I spend time with nature – bike riding, tennis, golf, boating, jet skiing, walking in the park.

What she'll be doing 10 years from now: traveling around the country to my 50 Fast Focus Career sites, doing talks for 1000s of people we helped uncover their dream job.

Her one piece of advice: “No” is not an option—keep maneuvering the obstacles – if you believe there are other ways to reach your objective, you will make it happen.

Photo by Bob Perkoski www.perkoski.com

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